Meet Our Students

Prashansa Shrestha

Nepal, Class of 2020

Currently in her 1st year of ISS

“I have always been interested in how everything works around me, society, institutions, systems, so ISS seemed to be the perfect major for me. The fact that it integrates political sciences, communications, and sociology, which are all very important and relevant in the world today, makes the program very appealing. We learn about world history and what is happening now in different perspectives and I think that is very helpful in making us into global citizens. The major is so broad and I feel like that only helps us have a wider range of career choices. ”




Gabriel Lamus

Colombia, Class of 2020

Currently in his 1st year of ISS

I chose ISS because nowadays in order to become a leader in such a competitive world an interdisciplinary approach of sociology, politics, mass-media communication and an option in economics is a need to find successful policies or real solutions in order to overcome the challenges that a globalized world is going to face. The combination in between learning from the past, understanding the present and learning the tools to understand the future makes ISS a great choice in starting your career.”




Pukar Bhattarai 

Nepal, Class of 2019

Currently in his 2nd year of ISS

“ISS is a healthy balance between all the wonderful majors Jacobs University has to offer in the field of social sciences. Classes are a mixture of politics, economics, sociology, communication and history which helps me understand a phenomenon through various perspectives. Through ISS I not only know what’s happening in the world, but I also know how it’s happening, through what medium is it happening and it’s sociological implications. It is also a wonderful blend with practically any other majors owing to its diverse reach. In my first year I was unsure about the core aspect of ISS but now in my second year I’m beginning to understand that one has to develop their own central theme towards the subject and use it for expanding their self-boundaries. The Professors are always there to help me with anything be it course work or internships and also encourage me to step out of the Jacobs ‘bubble’ to experience society in it’s natural form. ISS is very unique and I’m happy to be a part of it.” 



klebe pass

Finn Klebe

Germany, Class of 2019

Currently in his 2nd year of ISS

“The first encounter I had with the ISS program was at the Open House event the university offers, almost two years prior to becoming a student at Jacobs. Initially, I had attended the Open House to get information about a different program and had not taken any closer look on the ISS program by then. At the Open House event, I was drawn to the ISS booth and got to know how passionate the students and faculty are about their program. Under the name “Integrated Social Sciences“, I got to know that students in this program have the ability to get a holistic view of current and pressing issues from four prominent social sciences at the same time, namely economics, political science, sociology and mass communication.

After being here for a little more than one semester now, I can truly say that this has been the case for me. I get to think about issues in our world today from many different perspectives and the classes in the different disciplines complement each other really well, to indeed one whole picture, which I enjoy a lot. I think in terms of analytically approaching current issues that affect all of us, this program offers fantastic tools. 

Besides the curriculum itself, the vibrant and very diverse student body with students from all around the world enriches in-class discussions immensely and challenges your assumptions of the world on a regular basis.

One last point I want to mention are the very helpful and diverse alumni who graduated in this program. Since ISS has been around from the beginning of this university on, many alumni are there to answer questions. At the ISS homecoming initiated for this program, I got to know many of them and was impressed by their experience after the program and how they have benefitted from ISS. Besides prestigious graduate schools, many ISS students have moved on to interesting jobs in so many different fields. It really came across that ISS keeps possibilities open and prepares you for many different directions.”



Jonathan Terrefe

Ethiopia/Germany, Class of 2019

Currently in his 2nd year of ISS

“My clear interests in politics as well as my desire to learn economics after high school led me to choose Integrated Social Sciences as my major. ISS, somehow managed to synthesize political science, media communication and sociology to shape a well-rounded, balanced program. This major has introduced me to a breadth of disciplines, of which many have not only intrigued me, but also challenged me to engage in.

This diverse program consequently nurtures as well as tests your preconceived notion of what falls under media communication, sociology, and political science. Great emphasis is placed on forming inter-social skills (whether at an individual, group, or classroom level), critical thinking, as well as formulating multifaceted presentations, ensuring an open-minded discourse. These are important skills to adopt in a growing interconnected world, acting as the nexus between completing a bachelor’s degree and pursuing further studies or work.

I would strongly recommend ISS to those who want to further explore the social sciences as it introduces you to a range of academic foci. It is not only suitable for those convinced of what they want to study in their undergraduate degree, but also for those who may still lack fervor towards a specific discipline.”



CV Pic 1Valerie Cyrkel

USA/Germany, Class of 2019

Currently in her 2nd year of ISS

“I initially wanted to focus my studying on politics and history at Jacobs University, until I was introduced to the ISS program. ISS has impressed me with the variety of courses offered – the combination of political science, economics, sociology and communication science permits the development of a well-rounded perspective in these subjects, yet allows the freedom to go in-depth and focus my interests.

I have always been interested in how today’s media has influenced politics worldwide and the viewpoints of society itself. With Jacobs promoting diversity, studying in a multicultural environment truly enhances the ISS program, as students from different backgrounds provide valuable perspectives in the classroom. It is an experience and education you cannot find elsewhere. ISS empowers me and I feel the knowledge I will gain in this program can be applied to the real world in limitless ways.”



celesteRuxian Li (Celeste)

China, Class of 2018

Currently in her 3rd year of ISS

“Hello, I am Ruxian Li (Celeste), an Integrated Social Sciences student from Jacobs Class of 2018. ISS has provided me with a transdisciplinary approach to understand and analyse a wide range of social issues, through the study of communication, political sciences, economics and sociology. I have been fascinated by this study cohort, because it not only enlightens me with holistic and comparative perspectives of different social and organizational issues, but also equips me with solid and practical problem-solving techniques. Thanks to the ISS study program, I have the opportunity to learn from experienced and inspiring professors. They are very accessible and have helped me a lot on academic issues. More importantly, ISS connects me with a large alumni network, from which I have got to know numerous fellows working in various sectors. I am very satisfied with my ISS study and would like to recommend that, ISS is the best option to be.”



2016-02-26-12-07-37-1Nadine Sarabia

Philippines/Singapore, Class of 2018. 

Currently in her 3rd year of ISS

“I studied Mass Communication in a pre-tertiary institution in Singapore, and one thing that convinced me to apply for ISS is the fact that while I can pursue my interests in media communication studies, I also have the opportunity to learn about political sciences and sociology under ISS. I now appreciate the importance of taking a transdisciplinary approach in the social sciences! No single aspect of the social sciences can stand alone; for example, the media is definitely going to be influenced by sociology or politics, and vice-versa. As an ISS student, I have the advantage of looking at social issues that affect our everyday lives with an all-rounded perspective.”